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I'm seeing an issue with SQL Compare listing objects as different, yet in the SQL Differences pane, there are no differences and the "Next" button is disabled. I have "ignore white space" checked in the project options. Furthermore, I select the object (stored procedure), create the deploy script, run on target server, then refresh SQL Compare and object is still listed as having differences, i.e. I can't get rid of it from the list. I can send a screen shot if needed. Using version


  • Hi,

    Sorry you're having issues with Compare. What you are seeing is normally caused by the different way we calculate the differences between your objects in our comparison engine, and the way we highlight lines in the lower grid of the UI. The comparison engine has a much deeper understanding of your objects, where as the UI will only highlight differences in the textual definition of objects. This sometimes leads to items being marked as different in the engine (and therefore appearing as different in the upper grid) but making you unable to see what has changed in the text definition.

    Based on what you're saying about the objects still being marked as different following a deployment, it sounds like we have a bug in our comparison code. Please could you contact our support team so we can get some more specifics from you and get this fixed.

    Following our update to the UI this is one of the areas we plan to work on next. We want to bring the more semantic list of differences that the comparison engine provides into the UI. This will mean if you see strange differences like this again we will show why we consider the two objects to be different rather than just showing you the textual definition of the objects.
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  • I am seeing the same issue; I have a set of 9 stored procedures that are flagged as different, but show no differences in the comparison pane. Repeated deployments does not fix the issue.

    Not really a serious issue per se since it doesn't appear to break anything but for complex schemas it can certainly get in the way.

    Looking forward to seeing this fixed. :)

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  • Hi there

    We've just released, which should contain a fix for this issue - it looks like the problem was whitespace inside of comments not getting properly ignored when the 'Ignore Whitespace' option was set

    Please try it out and let us know if you have any more problems
  • I've just installed SQL Compare, but I think the "ignore whitespace" bug has been an issue for a while. Basically, when comparing 2 versions of a stored procedure in the file comparison pane, I don't want extra empty lines, tabs, indents, or spaces to be counted as differences. Even with "Ignore whitespace" checked, every line whose only difference is the number of tabs or spaces is highlighted. Since I typically run Format SQL on an updated stored procedure, there are more lines highlighted than not. This makes it difficult to find the real programmatic differences. I'd like to see a comparison view that only highlights the lines with differences in the "text", including in comments, and doesn't highlight lines that differ by whitespace only.
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    This bug still exists. 11 Works still.
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    I am using SQL Compare version : and the IGNORE WHITE SPACE is still not working. There is absolutely NO difference except for WHITESPACE but I cannot seem to ignore it.

    How can I fix this?

  • Hi Rahul,

    I've replied with some more details on your other thread. We believe the diff highlighting option is fixed in 12.0.39 but if there are further issues please let us know.

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