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RE: Restored Multiple Backup LOGS

andriancruzandriancruz Posts: 22
edited August 28, 2016 12:49PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
Hi All,

I'd just want to ask, if there is a simple way to restored multiple backup logs using scripts?

Here are my scenario. After I've restored the FULL and DIFFERENTIAL backup with NO RECOVERY option using scripts. I'd just want to restore next the transactional logs backup. but the problem was, since my transactional logs backup was scheduled every 10 mins and it will produced many transactional logs backup files. For instance, I need to restored roughly 200 transactional backup logs file, do I need to create 200 restore log scripts to apply those transaction logs backup?

is there any way to achieved this things without creating too much scripts?

Any comments/suggestion are highly appreciated.

Regards, Andrian


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