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SQL Prompt - Unable to show database objects

avinash268791avinash268791 Posts: 2
edited August 26, 2016 11:44AM in SQL Prompt
When I am attempting to connect to my DB server it is showing me the below error in a PopUp

SQL Prompt - Unable to show database objects

SQL Prompt cannot retrieve objects from Database1. Possible reasons:

- insufficient memory to cache objects
- invalid permissions for this database
- connection error- corrupted database

The loading of the DB server failed because of Database version Unknown not supported

However I am able to connect to it and can run sql queries.but it is behaving dead, for ex : when I write "USE" it should give me a list of DB available adjacent to it ,or when I write SELECT * FROM It should give the list of schema/Tables.
but it is not.

Kindly have a look and let me know how can I proceed.



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