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We are evaluating redgate sql monitor, configured few alerts and set threshold for every alert. It seems that the threshold is not validated. For example, we have set the threshold for Long Running query as 30 Seconds ("when a query runs longer than" option). But the email alerts reports the queries which does not meet the threshold. We are receiving alerts which indicates the query duration as 0 Seconds, 5 seconds, 13 seconds etc., Are we missing some settings? Please clarify.

Also SQL Process fragment just shows only "SELECT" OR "INSERT" for some of the alerts, not showing the full query.


  • Hi,

    We'd like to look into this. Could you send a screenshot of the Configuration > Alert settings for that alert, and perhaps an example of an alert details, to [email protected]

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    Good Afternoon,
    Those issues you mention are currently bugs that are known in SQL Monitor. Unfortunately, there is no time frame set for these bugs to be squashed.
    I am sorry about the inconvenience that this brings. I would recommend creating a support ticket so that we can add your request to the JIRA tickets in question.

    Sean Quigley | Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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