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SSMS 2016 compatibility

pcapircipcapirci Posts: 6
edited August 23, 2016 9:18AM in SQL Prompt
I have installed SQL Server 2014 and SSMS 2014. Installing all the Developer Suite, it works fine. Then I installed also SSMS 2016 (only SSMS). And all the Add-in doesn't appear at all. I have read a post on this forum regarding this topic, so I understood to update your tools (in order to include also in SSMS 2016) or, in case I had already the updated versions, I unsitalled all the suite and installed it again, in order to include also in SSMS 2016 it. But again it is included in SSMS 2014, but nothing in SSMS 2016. Any suggestion?


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    I have done a workaround. From SSMS 2014 I cheched for updates, and now - after updating the products - they appeared also in SSMS 2016. But: after doing that now SQL Source Control doesn't work anymore (problems on a collection): I have sent the error report to Red Gate ... That's is not a good situation.
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    LAST UPDATE: SQL Source Control works fine on SSMS 2014 instance. The problem is only in the SSMS 2016 version. But: it's really strange, it works also in 2016 only IF I open it before into 2014. (I have changed the option to activate SQL Source Control on more SSMS instance).
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