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I have a settings table in SQL which contains (not surprisingly) settings for our different environments, but each environment has its own database and the settings differ. ReadyRoll allows use to import the static data but only for one of the environments for that table, is there away to import the static data for each environment then deploy the correct settings based on the environment you're deploying to?

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  • Hi Marcel,

    Thanks for your interest in ReadyRoll! For environment-specific data deployment, we recommend following an offline approach to managing your static data. This is because the online method (which ReadyRoll uses when you import data from your connected database) cannot take into account the differences between data in each of your environments during the comparison process. You can read more about these two different approaches in the documentation:

    Following the offline approach to deploying environment-specific data involves defining your static data in a re-usable script file. Within the script file, you can use a MERGE statement and specify SQLCMD variables in place of literal values for the row/column data. At deployment time, the variables are replaced with the appropriate literal values, as supplied by your deployment tool. The following tutorial details how you can achieve this with ReadyRoll and Octopus Deploy, however the basic approach should be adaptable to any deployment tool providing it can handle environment-specific data:

    If you have any questions or clarifications, please let me know.
    Daniel Nolan
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