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edited November 9, 2005 7:21AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Hi Kirk,

My name is Brian Donahue and I am a support engineer with Red Gate
Software. This is a fairly easy fix. Under Options, de-select the 'Generate
SQL 7 compatible scripts'. SQL Server 7 does not support UDFs, so the
migration SQL will not be generated.


Brian Donahue

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"Kirk" <kkelly@cqisol.com> wrote in message
> I have compared two databases. One has two UDF's it and the other doesnt.
> When I run the compare, it lists them, but when I create the script, the
> script does not. Is there something I'm missing?
> Thanks
> Kirk


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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    FYI -- This information applies to products in the 2.x versions of SQL Bundle. SQL Compare 3 and up no longer have a 'create SQL 7 compatible scripts' option. To get SQL Compare to create, as closely as possible, scripts that are compatible with SQL Server 7, please use the following options:
    • Ignore collation order
    • Ignore INSTEAD OF triggers
    • Ignore extended properties
    • When you select the objects to synchronize, ensure user-defined functions are not included for synchronization.
    In addition, you may need to modify the synchronization script manually to remove references to features that are not supported, for example, computed columns containing user-defined functions, and ON UPDATE/DELETE CASCADE.
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