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Source Control for Oracle (Account Gets Locked)

suyogsuyog Posts: 4
edited August 16, 2016 5:47AM in Source Control for Oracle

I am using Red Gate (Source Control for Oracle) to sync my database to the GIT repository.
On change of the database password(in case of password expiry), I am facing an issue of account getting locked.

Please find below the steps I followed to re-create the issue:
1. I changed my DB password through Toad
2. Opened Red Gate, all my projects in the project status tab now show an error message as 'Open to Edit Credentials'
3. On Clicking next button, it gives an error as 'Database Authentication failed The username or password is invalid' with a link (Edit Credentials)
4. On clicking for Edit Credentials, it asks me to enter my password.
5. When I enter the new password, I again get a new error message on each of my projects in the project status tab as 'Error - Open to view details'
6. On clicking next, I get an error as 'ORA-28000; the account is locked '

Also, on change of my machine password which is same as GIT account password, I am getting an error as "Your Bitbucket account has been locked".

Could you please guide me on this?

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