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I am using latest version (August 11, 2016) and I am having issues using the filter. I have recorded a video that I can send you, but the issue I have is I want to say include Roles, so I check the checkbox, and roles appear in the compare, but the checkbox is still empty. It then seems all checkboxes are not working properly after that. I turned on verbose logging and can also send you the log file. Thanks.


  • Hi jgonnering,

    Filtering seems to work OK for us using a sample database, so we'd like to know more about what's going on here. Could you contact [email protected] so you can send them the video?
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    Update: I closed the filter setup pane, then re-opened it and the problem no longer exists. Checkboxes are now working as expected. I must have had the filter pane open when I upgraded and something wonky happened. Thanks.
  • Thanks for letting us know. If you manage to reproduce this reliably, we'd really like to find out how!

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  • update: I downloaded today and it appears the issue with the filter is back. When I click on any of the filter checkboxes they do not check or uncheck. I closed the filter setup pane and re-opened it to no avail.
  • I am observing the same behaviour here. Clicking on any checkbox in the filter pane removes the corresponding items from the list but the state of the checkbox doesn't change. The drop down list above the checkboxes changes from "Nothing excluded" to "Custom*". Another click on the checkbox has no effect tho objects are still excluded from the list. Changing the drop down to "Nothing excluded" resets the object list.

    This first occured with version
  • Hi,

    We're released a fix for this issue today (

    We changed the default behaviour of projects loaded from our SSMS plugin to always include all objects in a build last week (items introduced since 2014 would previously be excluded). Unfortunately this introduced the behaviour you are seeing when a project created in v11 would have issues toggling some object types. Apologies for any issues this has caused.
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  • downloaded the latest version. Filter issue appears resolved. Thanks.
  • Same problem for me, as described above. I have I unchecked schema, but the objects still show, and I can't recheck the box, or uncheck any filter box. All filters are locked.

    When I close SQL Compare, and reopen, and rerun the compare, it shows a few items different, etc. When I click Schema in the filters, no checkbox changes, so they are still locked, but now I show all objects.

    Perhaps I'm just using this tool incorrectly. When I'm unchecking the schema box, I expect all schema objects to be hidden, but no other changes. What it seems I'm getting is that it's hiding the schema objects, but removes my filter option of exclude all objects of schema type = 'datasync'. These are two different function classes
  • Random Lengths, try closing the Filter pane and re-opening. (use CTRL + L to close and again to reopen). If that doesn't work, try creating a brand new project. Thanks.
  • This looks like a bug involving custom filters, but I'm having trouble reproducing it in our lab.

    Above the filter checkboxes there's a dropdown that probably says "Custom" - if you select "Nothing excluded" do the filter checkboxes start working again?
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  • I think I've managed to reproduce the problem - there seems to be a bug to do with saving a custom filter when the per-object-type checkboxes have been modified:
    1. Open SQL Compare
    2. Cancel out of the previous project's settings
    3. New Project, select some data sources, Compare Now
    4. Uncheck an object type
    5. Click Custom Filter Rules
    6. Enter some text to make the filter valid, click OK
    7. Save the project
    8. Repoen the project
    9. Observe that the custom filter is gone, and the filter checkboxes cannot be checked or unchecked

    Selecting "nothing excluded" resets the filtering so the checkboxes work again. Looking into a fix now!
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  • I followed your steps and I can confirm that the custom filter is gone and the check boxes no longer check or uncheck, but clicking them does remove objects from the comparison. I am using
  • We've made some improvements to saving and loading filters in Does this make the feature usable for you?

    We're still aware of duplicate filters appearing in the dropdown, and will look into this shortly. Are you aware of any other problems?
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