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Issue with deploying new static data

pollokoffpollokoff Posts: 2 New member
edited August 16, 2016 7:56AM in DLM Automation
I am developing our teams processes for using DLM automation and looking to use SQL Source control tied to our github repository, and Jenkins for our Continuous Integration. In my testing I came upon the following scenario:

1. In source control, tried to link a table as static data. Since there was no primary key, created one, checked the code in. Jenkins moved changes to next environment.
2. Linked the table as static data and modified the data. Checked in the newly changed data. Jenkins moved changes to next environment.
3. More changes to code and finally ready for release.
4. When applying the latest package to the production database, the release failed since the production table did not yet have a primary key. The release did create the primary key but did not update the data afterwards.

It seems to me that it should have successfully updated the data after creating the new primary key. If I deploy the package a second time, the data IS successfully updated. Would prefer it to happen in a single deployment.



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