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Validating database state - duplicate definition found

chillfirechillfire Posts: 2
edited August 12, 2016 5:11AM in SQL CI 2

I am trialing DLM automation, we are using TFS and TeamCity and are building to a local DB instance.
We haven't been able to get a build at all pas the error below:
[08:00:55]Validating database state (12s)
[08:01:07][Validating database state] Error: Comparison of 'Scripts.state' and
[08:01:07][Validating database state] '(local).sqlCI_2013ad96-bc58-4020-a580-a9267b133979' failed: A duplicate
[08:01:07][Validating database state] definition was found for the stored procedure [etl].[_README]. Ensure that case
[08:01:07][Validating database state] sensitivity options are set correctly and all object creation scripts are valid.
[08:01:07][Validating database state] If the problem persists, contact Redgate support.
[08:01:12]Process exited with code 32

I can confirm there are no other files hidden or otherwise that have would CREATE a duplicate [etl].[_README] procedure, there is only one file for this.
However we do have 2 files named _README.sql, both are in different folder paths and in different schemas, the other is [app].[_README].

Any ideas on what is going on, if we cant get one build through TeamCity then we will probably have to drop the product and try something else.

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