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What happened to the Fast Deployment option?

edited August 15, 2016 1:37PM in SQL Data Compare
Has it been dropped from this new version? Or is it hiding somewhere else now?


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    Yep, Fast Deployment currently isn't implemented in the v12 UI - we saw it had really low usage and it added a fair bit of complexity, so it didn't make it in for now. It was basically just a thin wrapper around the commandline anyway, which is still available.

    If you have any specific reasons for wanting or needing Fast Deployment we'd love to hear them - they'll influence future work we do over the next year or so :)
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    And you base your end user usage stats on what? That is a major part of the deployments I do (so I don't have to baby sit them), and since the request for putting a timestamp on to the deployment window apparently never made it to being released either, it was the only way to migrate my larger databases (without having to physically be there to wait for the never ending compare process to complete).

    I won't be using this new version then (and if all future versions of the same, we'll probably end up dropping the product all together).

    Thanks a lot for making the migrations of larger database even more cumbersome.

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    Hi, We'd be interested in hearing more about your use case with larger databases:

    - Are you trying to migrate all data in the database, or a subset?
    - Do you tend to always sync the same databases or is it more ad-hoc?
    - Have you previously tried to make use of the command line for these? (We've designed it specifically around unattended deployments) If you have, what did you find was missing when compared with the fast deploy option in the GUI?

    I'd also like to follow up on your timestamp request, do you have a reference or link so I can look into it?
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    I've inherited a lot of really poorly designed databases (which is why I went with your tool as opposed to a baked-in HA solution for getting from point A to point B). The problem I have is that most of the databases are over 650GB in size, and not all of the tables in these databases have a primary key (so using a WHERE clause for the migrations of those tables is pretty much out), plus in my test where I could use a WHERE clause - it didn't buy me that much in cutting down the deployment time. I have had better results with simply using the IMPORT/EXPORT Wizard in SQL for WHERE clause migrations, so I split my migrations between your tool and that.

    The Fast Deployment solution was a good way for me to run the process without having to wait for the Compare to complete, but now that it is gone from this new release - I've uninstalled it, and gone back to 11.6.x.x.

    I have a massive migration coming up in the next month, and no time to waste on waiting for you guys to put this back in. As for the timestamp that I have asked for repeatedly for the Fast Deployment option, it would be nice to have (so you can see how long a migration takes without having to babysit the whole thing), but even with the request being up in your forum for new features - there was no traction on getting it added. I realize there are log files I can look at in the local profile, but they usually only show when things started - not when they ended.

    Timestamp feature request
    https://redgate.uservoice.com/forums/14 ... the-fast-d
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