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Out tables and Columns that are mismatched

CurtisSCurtisS Posts: 3 New member
edited August 15, 2016 3:59AM in SQL Data Compare
Is there a way to output just the tables with the columns that are mismatched. Basically I want something like below, just the information in some format:
Mismatched Tables
TableA - ColumnName16, ColumnName22, ColumnName23
TableB - ColumnName1
TableC - ColumnName8, ColumnName9

don't need to know what is wrong, just need to show that which columns in the table have mismatches. It will be handed off to another team to investigate.


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    We don't have a way to do this at the moment, sorry. One suggestion we've had that might make this easier is hiding columns which have identical data - would that work for you?
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    CurtisSCurtisS Posts: 3 New member
    I can see where that would be useful. But not in this case. What would be really helpful is a type of summary report. I don't need the data yet, just a summary type of report that shows what tables are off and which columns. Think in terms of a large database with a lot of tables and sometimes lots of row in the table. The report would be a management type report that can be given to management to summarize where the problems are.
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    Hi Curtis,

    Are you saying in your sample above that you'd like to see a list of all the columns in the table that have any differences in their data? Thinking of other cases, what would expect to see when there was added or removed rows, would you expect to see all columns listed?
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