Dashboard doesn't like IE?

DanDrydensDanDrydens Posts: 2
edited August 16, 2016 11:41AM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions

I'm new to SQL Monitor having only spent a couple of weeks with the trial and having purchased it yesterday. So I have a (probably numb question):

I've been using Chrome exclusively to view SM5 so far, but now that I'm ready to get other members of the department involved with the product I've found something a bit odd:

When I view it in Chrome, after I sign in I'm taken to the 'Global Dashboard' with the red/yellow/green alert cards for each server. If I navigate away, by clicking on the "Analysis" tab at the top say, when I click on "Overviews" to get straight back to the dashboard, no other overviews are offered.

If I view in Internet Explorer 11 (our standard browser) I get to "Global Overview" when I first log in and once again, there are no options to get to other overviews or the dashboard. :?:

Any ideas?


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