I cannot take FULL backup via GUI (Win 2012 Cluster setup)

sql-loversql-lover Posts: 39
edited August 10, 2016 9:52PM in SQL Backup
So... I wanted to be sure this is the correct behaviour.

I installed redGate Backup Pro 8 on a two node Windows Cluster running SQL2012. I followed these instructions: https://documentation.red-gate.com/display/SBU8/Installing+the+server+components+on+a+SQL+Server+cluster. But redGate Backup Pro seems to be working fine on Node A, when node A is the active node. If I failover, I can't take FULL backups from Node A, using the GUI (RedGate.SQLBackup.UI). I am able to take FULL backups if I use SSMS or command line, from any node though.

So... is this a GUI restriction or by design? I can only take backups only on the active node? Also ... it seems I only have RedGate.SQLBackup.UI on the node where I performed the initial installation and not on the other one.


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