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MultiSubnetFailover Performance

GlycerineGlycerine Posts: 5 New member
edited August 8, 2016 11:09AM in SQL Source Control
We use SQL 2012's clustering across multiple subnets for DR on our production servers. Whenever we connect to them, we always have to add the "MultiSubnetFailover=true" to the connection strings so it knows to simultaneously ping all subnets and find the one that is responding quickly. We do not directly link our production databases to source control, but when we have SSMS open with Source Control enabled, right clicking anything on that server, opening new tabs, switching DBs, almost everything is incredibly slow and oftentimes times out or crashes the program. If we open a second SSMS where source control does not load (we have that option disabled), everything works fine. What are the chances that Red Gate can add in this to how it connects to server or at least honor the additional connection string options entered when connecting to servers?


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