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v12 first impressions

mortenma71mortenma71 Posts: 16 Bronze 1
edited August 10, 2016 5:54AM in SQL Data Compare
Redgate SQL tools are among my favorite tools.

I've been working with v12 a couple of days, and I'm sad to say that I have switched back to v11 (first time since inception).
- I find v12 generally much slower,
- I find v12 consumes much more memory on my Win7 pro 64bit dev machine,
- I find the v12 UI contrasts (dark gray on light gray) less readable (black text on white backgroud worked for centuries),
- I find v12 takes much longer to produce deployment scripts (the application gets "Unresponsive"),
- I need to select the tabs "Only in source", "In both but different", etc. several times for the grids to populate,
- I miss the quick-filtering option in the v11 project window/dialog,
- I miss the option to be able to decide on which side of the dialog the "target" and the "source" should be positioned. I find it intuitive to have the target on the left when I sync from production to dev and the target on the right when I sync from dev to test.
- Possible bug: If I open a "New project" dialog on top of I "difference result" and click the "Source > Taget" panel the opened project changes direction in the background,

I hope you can address all of the above issues.


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    Sorry to hear that you're experiencing some issues with the latest version of SQL Data Compare.

    Issues relating to the performance of the tool are usually very difficult for us to help resolve without looking at the specifics of your database and usage of the tool. Would you mind contacting our support team referencing this thread so we can get some further details from you?

    I was wondering if I could ask a few follow up questions with some of your other feedback.

    - When selecting the tabs in the lower difference pane, does data eventually load into the grid without selecting the other tabs? Its interesting to know if its being slow to render or failing to render.
    - By the quick-filtering option in the project windows/dialog are you referring to the custom open project dialog that was present in V11? We removed this to simplify the number of custom dialogs we had when a standard windows option was available. We'd be interested to know what tasks this makes more difficult in your workflow and see what we can do to improve them.
    - On the "target" and "source positioning, where were you switching these in the V11 UI? We still have the ability to switch direction on the main comparison grid using "Actions -> Switch deployment direction" or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+d.
    - I've managed to reproduce the issue you are seeing with the main grid changing deployment direction, when in the new project dialog. I'll keep this thread updated as to when we have a fix for this issue.

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    Redgate Software
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    mortenma71mortenma71 Posts: 16 Bronze 1
    Hello David

    just upgraded to the latest v12.0.17.2708 and did some work again.
    The performance almost identical now. Nothing to worry about.

    re "selecting the tabs in the lower difference pane".
    In the latest build the grids are populated immediately. Great.

    re "the quick-filtering option"
    Please disregard, I missed the standard filtering box which offers similar functionality.

    re "switching deployment direction"
    I missed the ctrl+d, however a new comparison is begun (which I can terminate). In v11 I could switch direction after comparison completion without re-comparison (sometimes I need a few tables differences deployed in the opposite direction).

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    Hi Morten,

    I'm pleased to say we've fixed the issue you were experiencing with changing deployment direction on a new project and it impacting any open project in the latest release (12.0.19).

    With regard to the progress dialog when reversing the deployment direction. We have changed how this works in V12 due to a number of bugs that would only occur when the deployment direction was reversed. Rather than try to be clever and recalculate all of the differences in the opposite direction, we now reapply your mappings and do another comparison. This improves the reliability of our deployments and ensure the behaviour is the same regardless of which way you deploy. We cache the registration of the databases so this operation should be very quick. I'd be interested to know if you're experiencing issues with this new behaviour and what we could do to improve it.

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    Redgate Software
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