Backup overdue false positive due to log shipping

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I am getting some alerts for databases not having been backed up.
The databases in question are secondary log shipping databases so they have no backup information on the secondary for obvious reasons.

Is there any way in SQL Monitor to mark them as Log Shipping secondaries so the alerts do not fire?

I could chose " don't raise alerts" for this specific database but in the event that the roles are switched (think DR) I would want these databases to be monitored for missing backups.

I have also noticed the same behavior for Mirroring secondary's, I'm sure there must be a simple way around this as this isn't an uncommon configuration.



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    Hi Mat,

    Unfortunately there is no support within SQL Monitor for mirroring or log shipping specifically, only for Always On Availability Groups. There may be custom metrics (or you could create your own) for these configurations that replicate the normal alert behaviour, but the regular alerts will function as you have seen and you will need to disable them for the problem databases.

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