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Dynamic Execution in Snippet

Not_HappyNot_Happy Posts: 12 Bronze 1
edited August 1, 2016 8:36AM in SQL Prompt
Is it possible to execute a block of SQL code in a snippet? I know I can create a snippet that is a SQL statement, but I am looking to execute the statement before the snippet is inserted.


Is this possible?


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    Harry FrankishHarry Frankish Posts: 53 New member
    Hi Tim

    At the moment this isn't possible. $Server$ is a special case as it's basic data that we cache when we connect.

    We've got an active uservoice request for something similar here. If this sounds like what you'd like to see please add your vote as we use it to help us prioritize what to work on next. You'll also be notified if/when we start working on it.

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