Utilizing SOC5 Migration Scripts during Deployment

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Our company primarily utilizes SOC4 for development. Migration scripts are stored in a blank class library project which is built in certain TFS builds, stored on our build controller and then automatically executed.

I would like to move our company to using SOC5's migration scripts (because all of our grievances with previous migration functionality have been addressed.) We utilize Redgate's Comparison SDK for our build activities, specifically a SQL Compare activity is used when migrating SQL from SQL Source Control to certain databases.

In order to deploy data and schema changes from SQL Source Control -> Database or Database -> Database, how would we utilize SOC5's Migration functionality? Would we need to update Redgate's Comparison SDK, and modify our custom activity to somehow make a request for the committed migration scripts? Would running a compare on a newer SDK version automatically pick this up?

Any guidance in this area is appreciated. We're still using Comparison SDK version 11.


  • Hi,

    Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Unfortunately the SQL Source Control 5 migration scripts do not work with the Comparison SDK. You may want to look into using DLM Automation for your builds instead as that supports the new migration scripts.

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