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Latest DLM Automation News - July 2016

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What's new?

SQL Release and SQL CI are now DLM Automation
We've combined the capabilities of SQL CI and SQL Release as one set of PowerShell cmdlets, now collectively known as the DLM Automation PowerShell module. For information on how to use them, read our getting started guide.

Octopus Deploy Step Template Users
If you're currently using SQL Release with the Octopus Deploy step templates, you need to upgrade them before installing the latest version of DLM Automation. For more information on how to do this see how do I update an Octopus Deploy step template.

What does this mean for SQL CI?
In DLM Automation 1.5, SQL CI is replaced by the DLM Automation PowerShell module. With DLM Automation you can perform the same continuous integration tasks but with even greater flexibility. You can also automate the deployment of your databases without needing to install a separate tool.

SQL CI add-ons
If you were using one of the SQL CI add-ons for your build server and have upgraded to DLM Automation 1.5 or later, there's no need to do anything. All SQL CI add-ons will still work in DLM Automation 1.5 and later.

SQL CI command line
The SQL CI command line in still available in DLM Automation 1.5 (see the SQL CI command line reference). However, it's no longer being developed. We recommend you switch to using the DLM Automation PowerShell module to take advantage of new features and future development (see the switch from SQL CI command line to PowerShell documentation).

What’s next?
In the coming weeks, we will be releasing another version of DLM Automation which no longer supports migration scripts created in the SQL Source Control migrations V2 beta. This beta has finished and has been replaced by a new migrations feature in SQL Source Control 5. If you are using migration scripts with automation you will need to deploy up to your latest script in all of your environments before updating to DLM Automation. Find out more here.
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