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Product name changes - enough already! :-)

swinghouseswinghouse Posts: 120 Bronze 2
edited August 11, 2016 5:03AM in DLM Automation

Please interpret the following as just some friendly advice.

Am I the only one that would like Redgate to slow down the pace when it comes to product renaming and restructuring? I love that you keep pushing forward, but the changes relating to the DLM family of products have been too volatile, methinks. Now, I'm probably negatively biased by jumping on the Migrations V2 bandwagon which in retrospect was a dead end, but I think you could serve your customers better by treading a bit lighter.

The trigger for this post was the following message that I ran into while troubleshooting problems with a database build (mind you, this is just an example):
SQL CI command line has been replaced by the DLM Automation PowerShell module. We recommend you switch to using Powershell instead.

Now, in this case I knew about you guys rebranding from SQL CI to DLM Automation PowerShell, but I didn't realize that maybe I need to restructure my Teamcity build projects because of it.



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    Hi Mattias,

    Apologies for making another change. We've trying to simplify our DLM offering and that included making it all one tool instead of several. There are no further changes planned for the DLM Tools and you can continue with your current setup just fine.

    If you are using a plugin you don't need to make any changes, and if you are using the command line it will still be available but won't be worked on. If your current builds are working then you can continue to use SQL CI without any problems.

    Peter Gerrard

    Software Engineer
    Redgate Software
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    swinghouseswinghouse Posts: 120 Bronze 2
    Thanks for the feedback, Peter!
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