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WAN SQL Server response speeds degraded from EM

TedMaulTedMaul Posts: 8
edited November 10, 2008 6:18AM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions

I've been playing with this tool for the last couple of days but have noticed a dramatic reduction in the reponse time of a monitored server when the SQL Response Alert Repository Service is running.

All of the production servers I'm monitoring are offsite and our WAN is strung together with a variety of IPStream & IPClear links (max speed 2Mbps).

When the service is running and I perform a task in Enterprise Manager, such as displaying this history of a SQL Agent job, the time taken to complete the task takes considerably longer (10secs+) than when the service is not running (<1sec)

Any ideas?



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    If you are monitoring all alerts and recommendations it can slow down your servers considerably. The first suggestion is to turn off recommendations completely. Then, turn off all alerts and select one set of alerts at a time (the most important ones that you want/need to monitor) and see if there are any particular alerts that impact on performance. I'm sorry we can't be more specific than that.
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