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press tab to expand wildcard - ignores comma preference

jbrownjbrown Posts: 20
edited November 3, 2008 9:01AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
if you press tab to expand wildcards, commas will be post-pended even if your prefs are set to prepended, and you can end up with something like

from atable a
join btable b ...
join ctable c ...

you'd expect it would pre or post pend according to the user's prefs ...


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    SQL Prompt will not automatically lay out inserted code unless you manually click on layout. This is why your settings are not reflected with the inserted code, which in this case are the objects inserted when you expand wildcards.

    If you click layout (or use the layout shortcut key) after expanding wildcards, you will see your layout settings for comma placements taking effect.

    We are looking into redesigning this behaviour (lay out inserted code) in a future version but it is early for me to promise this as of now.
    I hope that helps.

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