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I'm using the comparison sdk to generate a change script from a dacpac, and would really like to be able to have default values generated if no default value is specified on a non null column, the option in sql package is GenerateSmartDefaults. Is there an option in the comparison sdk that is equivalent to this?


  • Hi,

    Unfortunately we don't have an option to do this at the moment. If this is something you'd like to see then I recommend you vote for this request on our UserVoice site and add any comments that you wish to add - https://redgate.uservoice.com/forums/14 ... on-null-fi

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  • Thanks for the reply I will vote on user voice.

    I have a follow up question though, maybe I should start a new topic for it but here goes. I am seeing once I unpack the dacpac and do a compare and deployment that the comments are missing out of the changes, I have checked to make sure that IgnoreComments is not checked. Any ideas why this may be?
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