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Force Column Order toggle not working

EnjoyinMossEnjoyinMoss Posts: 2
edited July 22, 2016 11:01PM in SQL Compare 11

I'm comparing two databases: Database_A and Database_B.

The table "MAIN_TABLE" exists in both Database_A and Database_B.

Due to the nature of the table creation mechanism I'm stuck using, the column order (As defined by "column_id" in "sys.columns" system view ) differs between Database_A and Database_B.

When I run the compare, I find that the comparison is taking the mismatched column order into account and showing a vastly different comparison. Useful in some cases but not in this one.

Is there an option to ignore the order of columns (make them line up side-by-side in the comparison view)? I found a setting to force column order and it doesn't seem to make any difference ON or OFF to the output of a compare.

I'm on version: professional.

p.s. Love the Easter egg game on the about screen! :-)

Many Thanks,


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