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When in Source Control I keep getting System Out of Memory.

My PC has 8 GBs or RAM with 3GBs available and my SQL server has 8GBs of RAM with 4GBs available.
Each time I try to Commit or Get Latest on a Data Link, 1 table with 175,000 rows of data will error out with a System out of Memory error.
I monitor my RAM and it never spikes, I close SSMS multiple times, I restart SQL Server Services but nothing seems to work if a Data Link table has about 100,000 + rows

Am I doing something wrong? any one else run into this?

This is making source control very difficult.


  • Hey dmckee11,

    Thanks for contacting us and sorry you are having this issue!
    Sql Server Management studio can only use less than 2 GB of Ram (maximum) and it will likely get out of memory even before that (it is a 32bit program).
    Additionally that is likely too much data, static data is meant for only a relatively few amount of reference data- not as an alternate backup solution.

    Because SQL Source Control is a SSMS add-in (which is a 32 bit process), our options are limited (32 bit processes can only use a maximum of 2 GB of memory).

    One workaround which we've found to be successful in similar memory issues in the past is use the Large Address Aware utility to enable ssms.exe (SSMS's executable) to break the 2 GB barrier and use up to 4 GB RAM.

    If you want to try this option, here's the link: ... re.112556/

    My path for SSMS.exe was C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft SQL Server120ToolsBinnManagementStudioSsms.exe but it depends on the version you are using.

    I will follow up with you via email in case you have any issues or questions with the above!

    Andrew Pierce
    Technical Sales Engineer
    Redgate Software
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    Thank you I will give that a try. Since our company is a pharmaceutical company we use NDC or Drug identifier. They are static and need to get to each one of our developers, unfortunately there are about 275,000 of them. We were hoping to use the Data Link as an easy way to get latest, but instead I will just create a proc that allows them to pull the data from the Server.

    Thanks for the speedy response Andrew,

    Dan McKee
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