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We recently update some SQL Servers to SQL 2016 to make benefit of the temporal tables functionality.
We have fully automated our deployment street with the redgate tooling which works great, only know we ran into a problem that it doesn't script the temporal tables we have made properly towards our Test, Acceptance etc environments.

Is there any news on when this is going to be supported within the redgate tooling because it's really blocking us from using this functionality of SQL 2016

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  • btw Is there a way to turn off the message box send error report ?, it popups for every temporal table it finds in the database. :|

  • Hi Jelluh,

    I'm Sam, a software developer on the Compare team.
    We're currently working on fully supporting temporal tables, but the crash you're seeing is not expected behaviour. Could you send us a report?

    When registering live databases, Compare currently (v11.6.7) treats the temporal table and the history table as entirely separate tables, not understanding that they are linked. Both tables should be deployed correctly except that system versioning is turned off - Compare shouldn't be crashing in this situation.

    When registering an SSDT-generated scripts folder, the new syntax (GENERATED ALWAYS, PERIOD FOR SYSTEM_TIME, SYSTEM_VERSIONING) won't be recognised by the parser. You'll get a parser errors dialog (you can ignore such statements with the "ignore parser errors" option for now) but this doesn't ask you to send an error report.

    So I'm not sure why you're experiencing a crash dialog. I don't see anything (recent) in our bug database - can you try sending the report if you haven't already, and email [email protected] quoting the email address you've entered?
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  • Thank you for the reply.

    The error is coming from the sourcecontrol component

  • Hi Jelluh,

    This looks like bug SOC-7081, which was fixed in SQL Source Control version 5.1.2. Could you check whether Source Control is up to date?

    EDIT: You can check whether updates are available from the source control tab inside SSMS:
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