Is it possible to view the SQL Data Comparison in htmlformat

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I had downloaded SQL Data Comparison trail version and tried comparing two table data, in the application the data comparison view was good but when i export the report it is storing in .csv where the view is not good. so is it possible to view the data results in html format?

Also is there an option for comparing the data using Custom Queries?

Phanindra Mokkapati


  • Hi Phanindra,

    You can export to an html file as well as a PDF and many other types of file. To do so, in the file menu click print preview. Then in the print preview window, go to the file menu and click on export document and choose the type of export file.

    More details can be found here:

    Hope this helps!

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    Joel Adams
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    Exporting the print preview only provides the mapping / comparison selections, and a summary of the results.
    It seems that the only option for exporting actual data results is the .csv export which, as noted above, is not very friendly.
    Surely it wouldn't take much to render the detailed results table from the UI into HTML? Alternatively a simple XML schema, rather than CSV, would enable integrators to write eg. XSLT to automatically render results into various machine-readable forms.
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