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while pushing production back to Dev environment I get

"can not insert null"

Now this does seem obvious but I want to Overwrite DEV from Production

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    Without knowing more about what table is causing the problem, I can't offer more than vague advice, I'm afraid.

    If you really do just weant to overwrite the Dev database from Production, you might be better off dropping the database, creating a new empty database, and synchronizing into that. (Or dropping the database and using Packager to recreate it.)

    SQL Compare should only be trying to insert data if the Dev database had data (it tries to preserve data that's already in a database, but doesn't transfer data from one database to the other). If you want both the schema and data synchronized, you'll need to run SQL Data Compare after synchronizing the schema.

    SQL Data Compare comes with an option to disable keys and constraints while synchronizing - this can sometimes stop errors like this which occur due to data which doesn't obey the constraints currently on your tables.
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