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Automatic Refresh Suggestions for All Databases

coreypcoreyp Posts: 2
edited July 14, 2016 6:24AM in SQL Prompt
By any chance, is there a configuration file setting to have SQL Prompt refresh suggestions for all databases? Ideally, it, would happen automatically when SSMS is launched. But I'll accept any mechanism for invoking this function as an acceptable answer. If the reply is the feature doesn't exist, that is fine too. Just thought I would ask.

Thank you


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    Aaron LAaron L Posts: 596 New member
    Hi Corey,

    The SQL Prompt suggestions cache is kept in memory and so when SSMS is first started it's empty and then it gets populated based on databases which queries are connected to. So the first time after loading SSMS SQL Prompt should automatically kick off a refresh for each database that you connect to.

    The experimental auto-refresh feature will only refresh the database you're working against for performance reasons. But if you want to completely clear out the cache (which will refresh all the databases as you connect to them) you can disable and enable suggestions using the SQL Prompt menu or by using the shortcut ctrl+shift+P.

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