Nuget packaging for the SQL Compare DLLs

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I'm attempting to create a .NET Core (1.0) application and, which I'm not an application developer by trade, it seems that one of the requirements for using a third-party library in Core application is that it needs to be pulled in via Nuget. Before I go down the rabbit hole of making my own Nuget package, are there plans for making such a thing available in a public repository? Alternatively, if there's some way to pull in the SDK dlls as dependencies without Nuget, I'd be happy to be told otherwise. Thanks in advance!


  • Hi Ben,

    Unfortunately there are no plans at the moment to release a NuGet package for the SDK. Although it might be a rabbit hole, I think the best bet is to make your own NuGet package containing the SDK DLLs. Having said that, we're not sure if it will work on .NET Core as it's been developed for the full .NET Framework and hasn't been tested on .NET Core.
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  • Well… looks like I'm about to find out if it's going to work or not! :) Thanks for the update.
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