No Performance Data Recorded ("Waiting for client")

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edited July 11, 2016 2:11PM in ANTS Performance Profiler 9
When attempting to profile an web application through 'IIS - ASP.NET' using manually specified account details, the worker process starts but no profile data is shown. If the account details are not specified, the SYSTEM account is used and profile data flows but application doesn't perform correctly due to the credentials.
Does the account specified need certain options enabled?

Original Port
Manually specified account details filled in

Worker process starts
Profiling starts and in bottom left "initializing" then "waiting for client" - never changes after this.


  • Solved by:
    1) Stopping existing (non-ANTS) profiling service
    2) Disabling profiling service
    3) searching registry for COR_ENABLE_PROFILING and COR_PROFILER (these appeared in 3 locations)
    4) renaming keys from #3
    5) run ANTS and start new profiling session

    (Thanks Russell)
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