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Source Controlled Database to New Database Comparison Issues

claire.thomsonclaire.thomson Posts: 3
edited July 21, 2016 6:09PM in SQL Compare 11

I have a database under source control

it had a view which previously used a linked server say 'LinkedA'

I changed the linked server to a new one say 'LinkedB'

I'm now trying to compare that database to create a new database with the same schema - but it is picking up on all the old commits!

keeps failing telling me I don't have linked server 'LinkedA' - which is true, but why is it trying to do this!? I can see from the script it's generating the original view and then applying alter statements later on

If I create a new database and link it to source control (which I don't want) it works as expected.

if I'm comparing database to database - why is it even looking at the source control?


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