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Text is Encrypted msg on SQL SVR 2014 stored procs

kpgkpg Posts: 2
edited July 11, 2016 4:53AM in SQL Compare 11
Comparing a SQL SVR 2008 R2 to SQL SVR 2014 - works great except for Stored Procedures, 2014 side says Text was encrypted

I checked sql svr 2014 with SSMS 2014 and the option to encrypt SPs is set to false

I checked SQL Compare 11 options and option to decrypt encrypted objects is set to True

How can I compare Stored Procedure in SQL SVR 2014?


EDIT: I'm using (trial)


I was able to resolve this but not in an ideal way...

Using SQL Compare I created a script folder for the 2014 DB. This script folder has the SP's but with the words 'text is encrypted' (or something like that) instead of the body. This causes the compare to fail, of course.

Since I have access to the server I can generate scripts from SSMS 2014 for the SQL 2014 DB, so I generated a script of the SPs, then I wrote a simple program to locate the CREATE PROCEDUREs in the script text file and write them to script folders created by SQL Compare, mimicking the same file names for the scripts.

Now I can use the compare DB to Source Control/Script compare option in SQL Compare and it works fine.

Extra steps, not sure I'm willing to pay for SQL Compare when I can extend my solution a bit further and have a reasonable TABLE and STORED PROCEDURE text based compare.

I like the interface/results screen but not being able to decrypt the SPs is annoying. I understand this is not necessarily red-gates problem, but perhaps a work-around would be to add a compare option when the user can supply a script generated from SSMS...


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