Support for Net Core 1.0 ?

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Hi there,
Just evaluating SmartAssembly 6 and trying to obfuscate project of type Net Core Console Application (Net Core 1.0 RTM / Final released on 27th June of 2016) and getting error on opening generated DLL.
So question is when (IF?) SmartAssembly will support Net Core binaries?



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    Hi Psulek,

    Can I just make sure does your main assembly directly reference and call on the assembly (it should appear as a reference) or is it dynamically loaded? SmartAssembly can only merge/embed assemblies that are directly referenced and called on, I'm afraid (there's no way to force it to merge/embed a dynamically loaded assembly).

    If it is definitely called on directly by the main assembly though, can I also just make sure that the DLL is not a primary interop assembly and that it contains no unmanaged code?
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  • Just create new Net Core console project and then try to obfuscate produced DLL in SmartAssembly6. You will see that error. Target framework for net core project - "Net Standard 1.6".
  • Hi Psulek,

    I'm afraid we're not yet supporting dot net core, and I can't give an eta on when we might offer this. Apologies that we can't be of more help at this time, but if I get an update from the team I will place it here.
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