A REFRESH button is sorely needed on the Data Sources Tab!

dwainewdwainew Posts: 59 Bronze 4
I'm doing a lot of snapshots between various stages of testing and using SDC to compare progress. Unfortunately, there's no simple way force SDC to see the new DBs (snaps)!

Even going to the projects screen and (re)selecting the currently open project shows the old DBs.

In fact, after forcing comparison to a new snap (by typing it's name manually), this newly compared snap STILL doesn't show in the drop down after a successful compare and subsequent visits to the Data sources tab!!??

There's a refresh on the Tables & Views tab, please add one to the Data sources tab to accommodate rapidly changing availability of DBs as provided by the creation (and deletion) of Snapshots.


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    dwainewdwainew Posts: 59 Bronze 4
    :oops: :oops: :oops:

    sorry, brain fade. I forgot about the refresh at the top position of the drop down. perhaps it's because clicking the drop down always hides the refresh option and you have to purposefully scroll up to see the option.

    Somehow I think a refresh button would be more intuitive, but this works too.
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