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Word wrap INSERT/SELECT column list

edited June 30, 2016 7:27AM in SQL Prompt
Is the word wrap feature supposed to wrap the column list? I thought I had seen it do that, but it is not working for me.

I know that it isn't fashionable to word wrap the INSERT/SELECT list, but I am dealing with a tables with hundreds of columns, and tracking down a mismatch is very difficult unless the column names are wrapped- I like to put the same number of columns per line in the INSERT list as in the SELECT list, then finding a mismatch is a case of checking columns per row of the INSERT statement. It is also a pain to scroll down 200+ lines just to get to the SELECT list.

I also happen to hold the classical view that there is a connection between the maintainability of the code and the amount of code that can be viewed in a single screen (within reason- doesn't mean I jam everything together). I'm relaying my motivation because I don't need anyone to come back and tell me that I should change my coding style.

Is there a way to set tab to a single space? SSMS allows that setting, so I don't see why SQLPrompt would take it away. I'm pretty OCD about having SQL statements line up the way I want them- my SQL is almost graphical in the way it allows me to visualize the relational operation- and not being able to tweak it is annoying when I can do it easy enough with mere SSMS.



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    Ok, I figured out the first one myself- it's the combination of turning on "Tabs & wrapping" -> "wrap text" and turning off "Data statements" ->"Place the following on a new line: each subsequent column".
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