Get changes for database to put inot Source Control

lnrobbylnrobby Posts: 2 New member
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I am a new user so just trying it out.

I have an original database backup and have made a few changes to that database prior to getting SQL Source Control

How can I "baseline" the original database into SC and then generate the changes I have made by restoring the latest version?




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    Sergio RSergio R Posts: 610 Rose Gold 5
    Hi Len,

    If you have a backup of both the original state and the current state and want to keep both in Source Control, you could:

    1- Restore original state
    2- Link DB to Source Control
    3- Commit original state to Source Control
    4- Restore current state
    5- Commit current state to Source Control

    Your Version Control System should now contain both versions of the DB

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