Synchronizing nvarchar(max) columns, data gets truncated

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edited November 7, 2016 10:00AM in SQL Data Compare 11
When I synchronize two nvarchar(max) columns, the data in the destination table gets truncated up to 4000 characters. I am using "Deploy using SQL Data Compare" deployment method.

version professional.


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    Hi Gleb,

    Thanks for your post!

    I have logged a support ticket for you and will email you shortly.
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  • I have encountered this identical problem, except I am creating a deployment script. When the data is transferring between the nvarchar(max) columns, a good chunk is getting truncated at the end.
  • Hi Both,

    We have logged this bug as SDC-2176 and are currently investigating. We will update this thread when a fix becomes available.

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  • Has there been any progress concerning this bug?

    Thank you!
  • Hi,

    We have been able to reproduce the issue locally and are currently work towards a fix. We've been rather busy with a number of items with Compare 12 but this is now top of our support list.

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  • thanks for this great post
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  • Sorry for the delay on this one - it's taken us a while to get fixed, but we've just released to Frequent Updates with a behaviour change that should prevent this bug.

    We've removed the code that would cause long string rows to get inserted or updated in batches of 8k bytes - now the row will get modified in one go. The old code generally worked fine, but there were edge cases around a combination of non-unique custom comparison keys and custom where clauses where it wouldn't correctly identify the row to update. It appears that this behaviour was working around a bug in Query Analyzer (the 2000 version of SSMS) which we no longer support, so we can simplify the behaviour a bit

    Please let us know if this change fixes your problem :)
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