SQL Monitor 5.0.3 released

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We have released SQL Monitor v5.0.3 today.

Download here or the latest version here

Release Notes:
- SRP-9480: Replaced the data retrieval algorithm for Disk avg. read time and Disk avg. write time for improved accuracy and reliability
Note: this effectively invalidates any previously collected data for these two metrics, so the Analysis Graph will no longer show previously collected data for them
- SRP-9839: Improved interaction with the Monitored servers tree view list. Clicking the icon or the highlighted area to the left of the icon now takes you to the corresponding overview screen, whereas previously you had to click the text to reach the corresponding overview screen
- SRP-9974: Added new listener statuses on the Availability group overview page, to take into account availability groups with more than one listener
- SRP-10081: Improved the clarity of two Availability group database health alert messages
- SRP-10123: If you copy or share the link to the Analysis Graph and the latest time shown on the graph is the present time, then when the link is opened later, the latest time shown will be the “new” present time (ie the time when the link is opened).
Note: if you copy or share the link to the Analysis Graph and the latest time shown on the graph is earlier than the present time, then the original selection will remain the same, regardless of when the link is opened
- Settings for the config file RedGate.Response.Engine.Alerting.Base.Service.exe.settings.config are no longer overwritten on upgrade
Note: this will not take effect until you upgrade from version 5.0.3
- SRP-9474: For SQL Server 2014 queries, the final characters of the queries no longer appear to be missing when the query details are not expanded
- SRP-9945: All success message banners now disappear automatically after five seconds
- SRP-9985: When a Disk space alert is raised for a node on a cluster, the alert details now only show the SQL Server instances hosted by that node
- SRP-9992: The Details tab for database and replica alerts now shows the correct health state
- SRP-10003: On the Availability group overview page, in the Availability replicas grid, in the Failover column, “Data loss” is no longer shown in red for asynchronous replicas that are in the Synchronizing state
- SRP-10083: Longer alert headers are now displayed correctly
- SRP-10110: On the Availability group overview page, the values for Log growth, Send rate, and Redo rate in the Availability replicas table are now updated when the page automatically refreshes
- SRP-10112: On the Availability group overview page, both of the Log growth columns (in the Primary replica table and the Availability replicas table) now show the log bytes flushed/sec for the primary databases only
- SRP-10113/SRP-10150: On the Availability group overview page, the Send rate column has been changed to Received rate and shows the rate of log bytes received/sec. This change was made because of a SQL Server bug that freezes the send rate to its last non-zero value, meaning the reported send rate values were almost always incorrect
- SRP-10116: Icons in the Group list are now aligned correctly
- SRP-10117: On the Availability group overview page, the Last 24 hrs counter no longer decreases when you clear alerts, but stays the same to reflect the number of alerts raised in the last 24 hours
- SRP-10139: Switching from Active Directory authentication to default authentication and then attempting to switch back to Active Directory no longer results in an error message
- SRP-10142: When adding a new user to the white list, white space at the end of the username is now ignored
- SRP-10152: On the Overview and Alert Inbox pages, monitored entities in groups no longer disappear from the Monitored servers list
- SRP-10153: Deleting a group that contains at least one monitored entity no longer results in an error message
- SRP-10172: When you export a csv file from the Analysis Graph in Chrome, the end of the Analysis Graph URL no longer disappears
- SRP-10173: On the Analysis Graph, the Export (csv) link now works in Firefox and Internet Explorer
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