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Script Object as ALTER gets stuck

rbielawsrbielaws Posts: 7 New member
edited June 21, 2016 12:27PM in SQL Prompt
I had an instance where, upon hitting F12 and having the 'alter' window open, every time I selected the window containing the symbol where I hit F12 the F12 action would automatically re-execute. That is, open another window containing the selected alter object text and give it focus. There was no way to get back to the original window. I eventually had to save the content using 'Save All' and close the window using the X on the window tab. Thereafter F12 stopped working until I restarted SSMS.
I'm running SSMS 12.0.4213.0 and SQL Prompt


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    Ali DAli D Posts: 56 New member
    Hi rbielaws

    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to reproduce this behaviour, did it happen multiples times or was it just a single incident?

    Since v7.1 we’ve made some changes to how SQL Prompt handles keyboard commands in SSMS. Could you update to the latest version (v7.2) and let me know if it happens again?

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