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redgate backup installation from command line

garga1garga1 Posts: 9
edited June 21, 2016 4:27PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
I am having some issues with trying to install backup tool using command line. It gets installed successfully using the GUI though. But I want the command line option. This is what I am running.

Please note that this is on a node which is part of a cluster. SQL Backup version:

SQBServerSetup.exe /VERYSILENT /I (STGSQL005_1) /PATH "O:STGSQL005_1_DMSSQL12.STGSQL005_1Red GateSQL Backup 7STGSQL005_1" /DATAPATH "O:STGSQL005_1_DMSSQL12.STGSQL005_1RedGateSQL BackupData" /LOGPATH "O:STGSQL005_1_DMSSQL12.STGSQL005_1RedGateSQL BackupLog" /LOG /EXITCODEFILE "RedGateSetupExitCodeLog.txt"

@servername = STGSQLCLUS005-1STGSQL005_1

I did not provide any username/pwd. Documentation says that in such a case, it will pickup the account name the sql service is running under. That account is sysadmin at sql level and administrator at host level.
The install does not generate any error (even when I don't specify the VERYSILENT switch). The exitcodefile has just 65536 in it. Per documentation,it means "The SQL Backup Agent service was unable to start within 1 minute."

Please help.


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    anybody who can help?
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    Some progress. Removed the parenthesis from around the instance name (even though the only example uses them), and now the installation is successful. However, all the settings for PATH, DATAPATH, and LOGPATH were ignored and setup proceeded with the default locations on the C: drive. Also, don't see the service as a clustered resource.

    Any ideas? This is needed to save issues when we failover an instance to another host. Our backups start failing because the default locations are on the C: drive and C: drive is not a clustered disk. I want to put the binaries and the datafiles on a clustered source.
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