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Jochen RiesebergJochen Rieseberg Posts: 2
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We just test a trial version and added several machines/instances. Analysis shows everything, but Overview does not show _anything_ What can we do?


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    Alex BAlex B Posts: 1,138 Diamond 4
    Hi Jochen,

    If you're just installing the trial it's likely you are on 5.2.3 - if that is incorrect please let me know.

    There was an issue in 5.2.0 where the global dashboard would not display if your data repository was on SQL Server 2005 (fixed in 5.2.1) and there is another issue with the stagnant alert SQL query in 5.2.3 which the developers have fixed which is due to come out in 5.2.4 - again to do with the data repository on SQL Server 2005.

    If you do not have your data repository on SQL Server 2005 then please let me know and provide the SQL Server version you are using.

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