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I recently imported our database into a database project (with Ready-Roll). However, I can't import data using the "Include Table Data" functionality. Even after clicking the "Refresh (View Data)" button, nothing happens after the refresh process. I'm currently using Ready-Roll version 1.13.6 (licensed).

Any idea on how to resolve this? I can send some screenshots and even the database project if needed.

Note: I have 3 database projects (with Ready-Roll) and the issue above is only occuring to 1 database project (with Ready-Roll).


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    sample screenshot below posted in a public image hosting:

  • Hi there,

    Sorry that you've run into a problem with importing your static data.

    Just to clarify, from what you said I take it you've successfully imported data into your other ReadyRoll projects. Is that correct?

    I've attempted to create a table with similar properties to the one you posted in your screenshot, but haven't been able to reproduce it. I'm wondering if there is something specific about the table's structure or data content that is causing the problem.

    Would it be possible to PM me with a copy of your project assets to assist with reproducing the problem? If it's not possible to provide all the sources, a copy of the CREATE TABLE and related statements for the affected table may suffice.

    Daniel Nolan
    Product Manager
    Redgate Software
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    Thanks for responding. I was able to figure out the issue with the help of my colleague, the root cause was certain table(s) in my database project does not have a primary key defined. I needed to assign at least 1 primary key to each tables and the data import functionality worked fine.
  • Thank you for confirming, I'm glad to hear you figured it out.

    Perhaps ReadyRoll could assist there by validating the primary key status prior to selection. I'll raise this with the team.
    Daniel Nolan
    Product Manager
    Redgate Software
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