How to find areas of performance degradation

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There is an issue in my code that over several hours of work the program starts to work slower and slower (it is Silverlight .net application). This problem accompanies with memory leak, and I can clearly see (with great ATNS Memory Profiler), that some of the objects’ count is persistently increases due to not detaching from events.

While it is my belief that when memory leak is resolve it will also resolve performance degradation issue (as performance issue here, most probably, is a side effect of memory leak). I still need to find if it is somehow possible to compare 2 bookmarks/regions in ANTS Performance Profiler to see that number of calls to some functions is increased or some functions are now working slower than before. Is this somehow possible?

Thanks a lot in advance!


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    Hi asyrovprog,

    Many thanks for your post!

    To compare the performance before and after your changes, you can open two copies of the profiler-- one with the baseline results and the other with the new results --and then do the comparison manually.

    Sorry to say though that we don't have a built-in feature or tool that can compare the two bookmarks/regions. :/

    I hope that info helps though and please let us know if you have any other questions on this!

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