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mamaleemamalee Posts: 2
edited June 16, 2016 8:40AM in SQL Data Compare 11
I have very big problem with compare order. let explain my problem.
suppose that we want to compare two databases d1,d2 with two t1,t2 tables which t2 refers to t1 with column a .
"sql data compare" first compares d1.t1 with d2.t1 and find no difference,then compare d1.t2 with d2.t2 and finds some records are added to t2 because someone adds record to t1 and then add records to t2 while "sql data compare" compare t2.
in fact ,"sql data compare" miss change records on t1 because first compare t1 and then t2.
in deploy script "sql data compare" add some insert into records on t2 that referring records on t1 dost not exists which lead to violation of FOREIGN KEY.
dropping FOREIGN KEY dose not help not at all .


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