No data being collected even though connected

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Yesterday I downloaded a trail version of a couple of third-party monitoring tools.
SQL Monitor stood out as the best choice.

Unfortunately after updating to SQL Monitor, one of my production servers disappeared and only reappeared after restarting the Base Monitor server a couple of times.
Now that the server is back I noticed that no new data is being connected.
The Monitored Servers page shows that my servers are connected and monitoring. The "All events" button in show logs, show up to date values (connected) for :
Get Server Time

Restarting the SQL Monitor services did not help.


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    I restarted via the start menu short cut.
    No servers were visible and I could not re-add them because they already exist.
    After removing all the servers, I re-added one successfully, but it does not show up in the Overview or any other page except Monitored Servers.
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    I had to uninstall, re-install and create a new database on the same instance to get it working again.
    The reason this work is because I'm using 2016 SQLExpress that has a 10 GB cap.

    How can I keep the database clean so that I can at least use it for the duration of the trail?
    Is 10Gigs in 1.5 days normal?
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    Hi Dennis,

    Sorry for not getting to you sooner - yes the 10GB cap for SQL Express is an issue (we do document it in the requirements) that presents just as you described. The amount of data collected depends on the purge settings and the number of entities you are trying to monitor. The hardware requirements give a general idea to the amount of resource that can be expected and includes a note at the bottom for SQL Express.
    If you're using SQL Server Express, we recommend you set short purge windows (1 week for data you want to view trends for, 3 days for troubleshooting data) and don't monitor more than 10-15 servers.

    I hope this helps!

    Kind regards,
    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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