Data Loss Check in Script

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I'm using the SDK to generate schema and data compare scripts.

The current system we use is from visual studio. When something occurs that will cause data loss (like dropping a column), the script will contain something like the following:
IF EXISTS (select top 1 1 from [MyTable].[MyColumn])
RAISERROR (N'Rows were detected. The schema update is terminating because data loss might occur.', 16, 127) WITH NOWAIT

From what I can tell RedGate does not provide an option to do something like this. Am I correct?

RedGate will instead generate a 'high' warning it would appear. Just want to make sure I am not missing an option or something...


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    You are correct, SQL Compare will generate a warning but will not introduce a guard clause.

    SQL Source Control another of our tools, enables user to create migration scripts to deal with data loss situations.

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