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High CPU on Monitoring server / Trace files not deleting

Illuminations2kIlluminations2k Posts: 10 Bronze 2
edited October 29, 2008 2:22PM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions
I know this has been discussed somewhat in another thread; however, I thought I would create a new one as our situation is slightly different.

We have SQL Response running on a Windows Server 2008 machine with nothing else running on it. We are monitoring a Windows Server 2003, SQL 2005 cluster.

The CPU on the monitoring server spikes to 100% when monitoring, regardless of whether SQL Trace is running or not. This causes the client (running on my local machine) to completely freeze up. We have to stop/restart the service to free it up and then it will immediately spike again.

We are noticing also that the SQL trace files that are being created are not deleting themselves and filling up our drive space.

Thanks in advance,



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    dlkjdlkj Posts: 151
    edited April 7, 2010 11:00AM
    Hi Adrian,

    Sorry to hear about the issues you are seeing.

    Could you email the log files for you Alert Repository ( C:\ProgramData\Red Gate\Logs\SQL Response Alert Repository 1 )

    Could you also send me the following details about the sql server which has the trace file issue:

    The versions of SQL server you are running on the server
    Whether there is a default instance or not
    Where the trace files are being created on the harddrive ( they should be named sqlresponse*.trc )

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    I have SQL Response and the Alert Repository on one Windows server. It is monitoring a single SQL 2005 server and causing the monitored server's CPU to spike to 100% frequently. I'm not sure if this is related to this issue or a separate issue.

    Once I stop the SQL Response service on the Repository server, the CPU utilization drops.
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